Day 3

So another day has gone by!  I woke up at 7:00am. But did not leave bed until 11:00 because what is the point, nobody would miss me or ask me whats wrong. And anyway I’ve decided im turning vegan. Man vegan, no i do not eat men and no im not a lesbian. I’m single and I like it that way. Not worrying how I look and not caring what others think.
So i have biology tutoring today. I have never had a tutor before so lets see if its full of crap or not. My guess is that it will be full of crap. Because school is full of crap!
And lastly i just want to say thanks! To you. For keeping up with my shit!  Dont know anyone else who does.and
i hope that you actually like my posts! Please tell me if youre going through any of my shit… much appreciated. See you tommorow… if you’re lucky.


Day 2

Hi guys! so today i had to work, I’m saving up for something I don’t know what yet, but something. while working i was just thinking about the amount of stress young people have in actually getting a job, and the amount of rejections they have had, no wonder our generation suffers from depression, self harming, drugs and alcohol, if the older generation want to call our generation wasters, they should know the amount of qualifications and stress we have to go through to get a good paying job. So that’s about the deepest my thoughts went today…

My lousy ex boyfriend I told you about tried to get in contact with me but you know what? fuck him… I mean he could burn in hell for all i care, but what is an innocent text?

My mother got a job, they proabably felt sorry for her because she is a mess and deserves to be miserable for the rest of her life for what she has done, she can’t even see that when the divorce goes throught her and the fat morbidly obese man she had an affair with gets married, they will get divorced straight away because he has destroyed three marriages and families for the money, so he will do it again. and when he does she might come crawling back and the we will be the ones to tell her to piss off, and that is the day I will find true happiness.

Goodbye! hope you enjoyed reading my messed up relationships i have with peoples!

The point in tidying up…

Hello again! I am naturally a very messy person, I love to be clean but I’m just a naturally very messy person, so my argument today is, what is the point in cleaning up? I mean it’s just going to end up messy so why not keep it that way? As I said, I love to be tidy but I can’t work when everything is tidy, I don’t know what it is I just can’t. Albert Einstein once said ” if the sign of a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what is the sign of an empty desk?” see! I’m not going insane, It’s just my working conditions.

But it’s not just when I’m working, you should see my bedroom, a tip and when I do clean up, the next day it’s in the same place that I left it! I’m not saying that my bedroom and desk isn’t clean I’m just saying that it isn’t tidy… because I love to clean because I’m a bit scared of germs, but It’s tidying up that I hate…. Does anyone else in this world feel the same? Do you ever ask yourself what is the point in tidying up if it is going to end up in the same place? because let’s be honest if you tidy up everyday of your life it feels like you are in a never-ending loop…

Well i guess this is hello!

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 Hello to you! The total stranger that will be going on an adventure with me, the adventure of my dull, messed up and stressful life! No, my name is not Julie, hence the site address, but this blog will be anonymous, because I feel like everywhere in my life is public to those I know, and am friends with… so why not share it with you guys? So grab a seat get the popcorn ready and make sure you are prepared for the story that is my life! So just to start you off, here is what has happened recently in my so-called life.

I have just broken up with my boyfriend for cheating on me, he was a two-faced selfish pig who only cared about himself so good riddance. my mother who I have not spoken to in 8 months since she had an affair and is apparently suffering from depression which is bull**** by the way. she has been milking it to her friends and colleagues about everything SHE’S had to go through, which was just to leave us, which was not hard or she would have called by now, so I don’t have a mother… good riddance to her. And finally my school life, drowned with homework, I have a pile so big its taller than the height of my bedroom… so good riddance to that!! And that is the start to my very first messed up blog…