Day 2

Hi guys! so today i had to work, I’m saving up for something I don’t know what yet, but something. while working i was just thinking about the amount of stress young people have in actually getting a job, and the amount of rejections they have had, no wonder our generation suffers from depression, self harming, drugs and alcohol, if the older generation want to call our generation wasters, they should know the amount of qualifications and stress we have to go through to get a good paying job. So that’s about the deepest my thoughts went today…

My lousy ex boyfriend I told you about tried to get in contact with me but you know what? fuck him… I mean he could burn in hell for all i care, but what is an innocent text?

My mother got a job, they proabably felt sorry for her because she is a mess and deserves to be miserable for the rest of her life for what she has done, she can’t even see that when the divorce goes throught her and the fat morbidly obese man she had an affair with gets married, they will get divorced straight away because he has destroyed three marriages and families for the money, so he will do it again. and when he does she might come crawling back and the we will be the ones to tell her to piss off, and that is the day I will find true happiness.

Goodbye! hope you enjoyed reading my messed up relationships i have with peoples!

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