The point in tidying up…

Hello again! I am naturally a very messy person, I love to be clean but I’m just a naturally very messy person, so my argument today is, what is the point in cleaning up? I mean it’s just going to end up messy so why not keep it that way? As I said, I love to be tidy but I can’t work when everything is tidy, I don’t know what it is I just can’t. Albert Einstein once said ” if the sign of a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what is the sign of an empty desk?” see! I’m not going insane, It’s just my working conditions.

But it’s not just when I’m working, you should see my bedroom, a tip and when I do clean up, the next day it’s in the same place that I left it! I’m not saying that my bedroom and desk isn’t clean I’m just saying that it isn’t tidy… because I love to clean because I’m a bit scared of germs, but It’s tidying up that I hate…. Does anyone else in this world feel the same? Do you ever ask yourself what is the point in tidying up if it is going to end up in the same place? because let’s be honest if you tidy up everyday of your life it feels like you are in a never-ending loop…

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