Well i guess this is hello!

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 Hello to you! The total stranger that will be going on an adventure with me, the adventure of my dull, messed up and stressful life! No, my name is not Julie, hence the site address, but this blog will be anonymous, because I feel like everywhere in my life is public to those I know, and am friends with… so why not share it with you guys? So grab a seat get the popcorn ready and make sure you are prepared for the story that is my life! So just to start you off, here is what has happened recently in my so-called life.

I have just broken up with my boyfriend for cheating on me, he was a two-faced selfish pig who only cared about himself so good riddance. my mother who I have not spoken to in 8 months since she had an affair and is apparently suffering from depression which is bull**** by the way. she has been milking it to her friends and colleagues about everything SHE’S had to go through, which was just to leave us, which was not hard or she would have called by now, so I don’t have a mother… good riddance to her. And finally my school life, drowned with homework, I have a pile so big its taller than the height of my bedroom… so good riddance to that!! And that is the start to my very first messed up blog…

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