Day 3

So another day has gone by!  I woke up at 7:00am. But did not leave bed until 11:00 because what is the point, nobody would miss me or ask me whats wrong. And anyway I’ve decided im turning vegan. Man vegan, no i do not eat men and no im not a lesbian. I’m single and I like it that way. Not worrying how I look and not caring what others think.
So i have biology tutoring today. I have never had a tutor before so lets see if its full of crap or not. My guess is that it will be full of crap. Because school is full of crap!
And lastly i just want to say thanks! To you. For keeping up with my shit!  Dont know anyone else who does.and
i hope that you actually like my posts! Please tell me if youre going through any of my shit… much appreciated. See you tommorow… if you’re lucky.


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