Something new!

Hi guys! So one of my favourite subjects is English, all these words we use can change the world, Martin luther king, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, these all helped to make this world a better place, so here is a poem that I made….

His love for her was limitless,

But he always had a reason,

How he couldn’t survive,

Not under these Conditions,

But he always seemed to stay.


When everybody expected him to leave,

He would always show his shadowed face.


The emotions he never showed,

Especially the love he’d never give,

until now.


The knight coming back to his castle,

The princess he never really had.


He always thought of her,

How she made him feel,

But love for him,

Would always have a limit.



Day 9

Hi guys! so its complete, I’m a twit, First off I have piles of homework, not time to do it, and I have THREE test this week and next week, I had a test this lunch time since I had hockey all day, thanks for that miss! I am the worst friend ever, since i blabbed something about a trust-worthy friend, that would never tell anyone, she forgave me but I have the feeling that she will never ever forgive me, so to be honest my life is really crap right now, if you have read my other posts you will know,

On the other side of life, there is this cute boy in my maths class, as I might have told you about a cute boy, he just moved to MY class, so I guess I am quite lucky this one time, I think god or whoever is up there actually pities me! So thanks for that! I think he has been flirting with me, but really to be honest I don’t have much experience with boys, we had a double lesson, and a free lesson, I know love maths! this is great my grades are getting better while the cute boy sits by me, well he has a really good personality which I look for, he always knows how to make me laugh! He believes in not having a Facebook profile or anything, He loves football, rugby, running, but he’s still the kind of guy that has good grades, will probably go to an amazing university and reads the same amount as me, I think he is modest since he never realizes how smart he actually is. In the free lesson today, he showed me how many push ups he could do with me sitting on him… 100!!!! I think he is trying to impress me but only time will tell… I hope we have maths tomorrow!!

Day 8

Hi guys! So today I have messed up BIG time. I am the worst friend in history, you know what? I don’t deserve any friends since I am such a bad one, honestly one second I start to think I am doing something right, and the next… I might as well be dead to the world… I am not going to say what happened because I seem not to be able to keep my mouth shut. I feel so bad for what happened so I feel like the world is against me right now.

I have a hockey tournament tomorrow, and I don’t even know if my friends want me there, I feel like a piece of shit right now… and you know what? I am so happy I have this blog, because i can do or say anything here, I can be myself without anybody knowing who they’re judging, so if you’re in my school then hello!

I HATE drama, but I seem to drag it along everywhere with me and that is not what I am about, so why does it continuously happen to me?

Day 7

Hi guys! so I can’t sleep so why not write about my worries and deepest thoughts?! let’s go for it!

Okay so my eldest brother started to clear his floor, the attic floor since my other brother had moved to university and he had the floor all to himself… so that is fun! I want to create a study in the biggest room of the house… I cannot wait!

School, everything is the exact same friend wise, but there is this cute guy a year older with me, we have started to chat, lets see how things go! He is taller than me brown hair and okay, you got me he is not that cute… well he is but not the cutest I have seen he is so funny and has the best personality that I have seen in a long time, after going man vegan… I might be ready to date again! He just makes me feel so good about myself, but knowing my luck he probably feels sorry for me, but that is life, so you have to go through the rollercoaster!

day 6

hi guys! so today I had school, which was very boring… except for textiles and business, I find them so fascinating… English was good as well… god knows what I will be when I’m older so if it is within these three subjects I wouldn’t mind… but if it is something to do with solving world hunger or getting world peace, it would be amazing to be a part of that!

So EVERYBODY is talking about Christmas and to be honest I really don’t want much this year… a couple of novels, nice fabric, jewellery (if you’re American it’s jewelry which is really odd!) and a fitbit a fitness tracker since I love sports, stuff like gymnastics, dance, hockey… all that jazz! My friends want all these expensive stuff like a laptop, a new phone but I am happy with all my technology stuff and I have a bike! so there is not much to ask for really! Although I did want a hoverboard Segway, but I’m deciding to get the money I get to charity since there is always someone worse off than you, so why not help… right?!

I have felt so alone at school recently, it feels like my friends are getting tired of me…. well not tired, but I always seem to say sorry all the time which annoys them.. but what else am I allowed to say when they say “stop copying me”, right okay but I’m only doing my work… what is the point in telling me that I am copying them when everyone gets the same work and the same answers? even small things like a bracelet that everyone has, but the second i get one, all hell breaks loose. Don’t get me wrong I love them but I feel sometimes that they pick on me. we are a really big group of friends, so I could go with someone else, but I feel like I belong with these guys…. but nowadays it feels like I have drifted apart… I keep thinking in three years I will never have to see these people again… This makes me so sad right now to think about that, and I would be a horrible person to say otherwise, but I know that you just seem to forget the people that used to mean the world to you!

Thanks for reading! see you again!

day 4… sort of

Hi guys! so when I started this blog I did not know how much commitment it would be, and I know that it is technically not day four but who is really counting track? so the low down (who even says low down?) I have a massive pile of work which is stressing me out… why give so much homework, its inhumane I have a life too mr teacher! My parent divorce has been hitting me hard recently, but in real life,I try my hardest to tell everyone I couldn’t be bothered by the least… I think everyone know that this is a lie but I hate it when people feel sorry for you, and most of all I hate it when people feel sorry for themselves… you will not accomplish anything if you feel sorry for yourself, so what is the point?

My dad is being so annoying by asking me the same old questions all the time.. and going on about every single thing I need to do until I do it… he can be a real pain in the ass nearly all the time… it is quite hard to be the only girl in the house, except for my dog which is not that helpful because everything but you have to deal the cards you are given I guess. bye!!!