day 4… sort of

Hi guys! so when I started this blog I did not know how much commitment it would be, and I know that it is technically not day four but who is really counting track? so the low down (who even says low down?) I have a massive pile of work which is stressing me out… why give so much homework, its inhumane I have a life too mr teacher! My parent divorce has been hitting me hard recently, but in real life,I try my hardest to tell everyone I couldn’t be bothered by the least… I think everyone know that this is a lie but I hate it when people feel sorry for you, and most of all I hate it when people feel sorry for themselves… you will not accomplish anything if you feel sorry for yourself, so what is the point?

My dad is being so annoying by asking me the same old questions all the time.. and going on about every single thing I need to do until I do it… he can be a real pain in the ass nearly all the time… it is quite hard to be the only girl in the house, except for my dog which is not that helpful because everything but you have to deal the cards you are given I guess. bye!!!

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