day 6

hi guys! so today I had school, which was very boring… except for textiles and business, I find them so fascinating… English was good as well… god knows what I will be when I’m older so if it is within these three subjects I wouldn’t mind… but if it is something to do with solving world hunger or getting world peace, it would be amazing to be a part of that!

So EVERYBODY is talking about Christmas and to be honest I really don’t want much this year… a couple of novels, nice fabric, jewellery (if you’re American it’s jewelry which is really odd!) and a fitbit a fitness tracker since I love sports, stuff like gymnastics, dance, hockey… all that jazz! My friends want all these expensive stuff like a laptop, a new phone but I am happy with all my technology stuff and I have a bike! so there is not much to ask for really! Although I did want a hoverboard Segway, but I’m deciding to get the money I get to charity since there is always someone worse off than you, so why not help… right?!

I have felt so alone at school recently, it feels like my friends are getting tired of me…. well not tired, but I always seem to say sorry all the time which annoys them.. but what else am I allowed to say when they say “stop copying me”, right okay but I’m only doing my work… what is the point in telling me that I am copying them when everyone gets the same work and the same answers? even small things like a bracelet that everyone has, but the second i get one, all hell breaks loose. Don’t get me wrong I love them but I feel sometimes that they pick on me. we are a really big group of friends, so I could go with someone else, but I feel like I belong with these guys…. but nowadays it feels like I have drifted apart… I keep thinking in three years I will never have to see these people again… This makes me so sad right now to think about that, and I would be a horrible person to say otherwise, but I know that you just seem to forget the people that used to mean the world to you!

Thanks for reading! see you again!

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