Day 7

Hi guys! so I can’t sleep so why not write about my worries and deepest thoughts?! let’s go for it!

Okay so my eldest brother started to clear his floor, the attic floor since my other brother had moved to university and he had the floor all to himself… so that is fun! I want to create a study in the biggest room of the house… I cannot wait!

School, everything is the exact same friend wise, but there is this cute guy a year older with me, we have started to chat, lets see how things go! He is taller than me brown hair and okay, you got me he is not that cute… well he is but not the cutest I have seen he is so funny and has the best personality that I have seen in a long time, after going man vegan… I might be ready to date again! He just makes me feel so good about myself, but knowing my luck he probably feels sorry for me, but that is life, so you have to go through the rollercoaster!

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