Day 8

Hi guys! So today I have messed up BIG time. I am the worst friend in history, you know what? I don’t deserve any friends since I am such a bad one, honestly one second I start to think I am doing something right, and the next… I might as well be dead to the world… I am not going to say what happened because I seem not to be able to keep my mouth shut. I feel so bad for what happened so I feel like the world is against me right now.

I have a hockey tournament tomorrow, and I don’t even know if my friends want me there, I feel like a piece of shit right now… and you know what? I am so happy I have this blog, because i can do or say anything here, I can be myself without anybody knowing who they’re judging, so if you’re in my school then hello!

I HATE drama, but I seem to drag it along everywhere with me and that is not what I am about, so why does it continuously happen to me?

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