Day 9

Hi guys! so its complete, I’m a twit, First off I have piles of homework, not time to do it, and I have THREE test this week and next week, I had a test this lunch time since I had hockey all day, thanks for that miss! I am the worst friend ever, since i blabbed something about a trust-worthy friend, that would never tell anyone, she forgave me but I have the feeling that she will never ever forgive me, so to be honest my life is really crap right now, if you have read my other posts you will know,

On the other side of life, there is this cute boy in my maths class, as I might have told you about a cute boy, he just moved to MY class, so I guess I am quite lucky this one time, I think god or whoever is up there actually pities me! So thanks for that! I think he has been flirting with me, but really to be honest I don’t have much experience with boys, we had a double lesson, and a free lesson, I know love maths! this is great my grades are getting better while the cute boy sits by me, well he has a really good personality which I look for, he always knows how to make me laugh! He believes in not having a Facebook profile or anything, He loves football, rugby, running, but he’s still the kind of guy that has good grades, will probably go to an amazing university and reads the same amount as me, I think he is modest since he never realizes how smart he actually is. In the free lesson today, he showed me how many push ups he could do with me sitting on him… 100!!!! I think he is trying to impress me but only time will tell… I hope we have maths tomorrow!!

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